Tammy Bilder



Bryan Roark

I looked for a house for nearly 2 years. The hardest thing was finding the right agent that understood my needs and the type of house I was looking for me and my family. Being very a busy sales guy myself I did not have time to shuffle through countless lists just to be throwing a shot in the dark. After meeting with Tammy a couple of times she knew exactly what I wanted and went on the hunt. Within 2 weeks She found us 3 beautiful homes to choose from. What makes this so unique is that the rest of the agents I had used prior to her did minimal work to find what I was looking for. The hard work did not stop there. Tammy was with us every step of the way to ensure the smoothest closing I have ever been in. From helping with the selection of a mortgage broker that understood my financial needs to a title company that dotted every I can crossed all the Tís prior to the closing date. At that point all I had to do was sign away. The follow up has been impeccable as well. I have heard from Tammy every few months just to check on how we are loving our new home. It is easy to see the agents at Nathan Bangs truly care about their customers from the first meeting and beyond. Thank you!

Allen Berndt

Tammy was wonderful to work with. She was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process of building my new home. She helped with the initial negotiation, design center and then guided me throughout the long process. Tammy was always on time for appointments, prompt on getting me info and really went above and beyond to educate me and make me feel comfortable throughout the new construction process. She was very proactive with following up and always delivered on what she said she was going to do. When it became difficult for me to deal with the builder at times she stepped in and worked with them for me to achieve my desired results. When it finally came time to close on the property, she along with Kimberly from Closing Advantage were great. They were extremely organized and helped me have everything perfectly in line for a smooth closing. She even had high quality recommendations for insurance agents, movers and answers to any other questions that I had on a daily basis. This saved me a ton of time and stress. I would highly recommend Tammy Bilder to anyone that is interested in buying a home. She goes above and beyond to make sure her clients are taken care of

Sandra Sommes

Tammy, I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I appreciated working with you during my home search. Your agency was recommended to me by friends of my children and you certainly listened to me and stepped up to the plate at every level--I found what I would buy after seeing just 3 homes! You clearly heard me and understood what was most important but, further, your professional knowledge regarding the both the mortgage business and the properties available supported my ability to make a final decision, I cannot recommend buying a home while still living in another state, however, your continued support and assistance made this purchase almost seamless! I am very grateful for your willingness to share your knowledge--after many months everything was completed by the time I was finally able to move in to my new home. Again, I thank you and wish you the very best. Sandra Sommers

Belene B

Tammy Bilder was very helpfull and always willing to provide anything I may need in my quest to find a house I can call my home.... She was always there with the right information, always courteos,profesional and on time... I got very satisfied with her services and the Company services....I will recomend Tammy Bilder with Keller Williams Realty with no hesitation..


Tammy is the type of agent who sticks with you and helps you find just the right place after quite a few sellers have rejected your offers. I personally took Tammy from Pinellas to Hillsborough in my search for just the right place, location for me to live and she went with me and even suggested some areas I originally didnít think would be right for me. It was a pleasure working with Tammy. Denise

Lloyd E.

Tammy, I want to sincerely thank you for your very professional assistance in helping me buy a new home here in Tampa. Through your realty knowledge and experience, you turned a potential nerve-wracking house-hunt into one that was indeed a lot more pleasant than I could have expected. You put me at ease from the moment we met, so much so, that I was confident enough in your judgment to let you be my "eyes" and based my final buying decision on your recommendation without having seen the property until I moved down here from Chicago. While I was busy in Chicago, you took care of all the minutiae required to close the deal, from handling all the paper work, attending to the inspections, providing contacts for mortgage and insurance brokers, to taking care of all the myriad details associated with the final flurry of closing activities. Your tremendous assistance saved me the expense of flying down here to handle the transaction details myself, or having to obtain the services of a local real estate lawyer that I might have had to use in my stead. Your follow-up assistance after I moved in was also greatly appreciated and I am more than glad to recommend your services to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Tampa area. I not only look upon you as a highly-skilled professional realtor, but I consider you a valued friend as well. Many thanks again! Lloyd E.

Dennis and Anita G

We are on the evening of a projected closing and it has been a roller coaster ride (no exaggerating). On a positive note we'd like to thank those who got us here today. Thank-you to: Tammy Bilder (our Keller Williams Buyer's Agent), Irene Wilds (B.O.A. Sr. Mortgage Loan Officer) and Kimberly Supplee (Real Estate Closing Coordinator). Without their efforts to revive, recover and expedite the apparent sloppy process created by the title agency we would no doubt still be in limbo days or weeks from now. Those listed above may have people contact us anytime for customer reference as to the efforts, efficiency, communication, accuracy and professional courtesy provided throughout our process. We would recommend your services to anyone we care for or like. Shortly we should close and hopefully we will do more business in the future. In Sincerest Regards, Dennis & Anita G.


My Testimonial is in regards to Tammy. It was truly a beautiful experience working with her. She has been professional throughout this experience that made the wait time shorter. She has been polite and always was available to take my calls or return them promptly. SHe has been thorough also working with my bank to ensure my interest was protected. I will recommend her to all my friends and family for theie real estate needs. Thanks Tammy. Maxine B

Cathy Powers

To whom it may concern, This letter is to recommend Tammy Bilder for real estate purposes. I had the pleasure of working directly with Tammy during the latter half of 2013. I was moving to the area and there were long distance obstacles to which she was ever adaptable. As a realtor, her tremendous abilities never ceased to amaze me. She listened to what I wanted and showed me properties within my range and specifications. She was always on top of new listings and would update me immediately. She is forthright, knowledgeable, and reliable. Tammy worked effectively with the mortgage broker, insurance company, inspector, title company, and all others associated with the deal. I believe Tammy has the adaptability, knowledge, and patience to help anyone with their real estate needs. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Gary and Gwen

I had the very nice privilige of of working with Tammy Bilder of Keller Williams for several months over the summer, fall and winter of 2013. My finance and myself had done a purchase on a short sale. As short sales are, it was a long and drawn out process, and I'd like to say that it it could not have been better without Ms. Bilder. She kept in contact with us throughout the entire process, continually answering our phone calls and walking us through everything. And the closing itself, completing it from a different state while the property we purchased was in Florida, went without a hitch. We have already told her we will stay in contact with her, as she will with us, and on our next upgrade she will be our go to person. We are not able to say enough about her.